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In Order to participate at the Forum, Stand-Up Buffet and/or B2B Meetings, we kindly ask you to fill out the Registration-Form below.


Name / Surname 
Company Address (Country) 
Department / Division 
Job Title / Position 
Phone No. 
Forum / Meetings 
  I want to visit the Forum  
  I want to visit the Forum and have B2B Meetings with the desired Companies  
Desired Companies 
  Ultra Light Mg Material - Posco  
  Ultra Light Mg Material - MS Autotech  
  Ultra Light Mg Material - Sungwoo Hitech  
  Ultra Light Mg Material - Noroo Coil Coatings  
  Ultra Light Mg Material - Glowone  
  Ultra Light Mg Material - KC Chemical  
  Premium Ketone Material - Hyosung  
  Premium Ketone Material - Desco  
  Smart Coating Steel Material - Posco  
  Smart Coating Steel Material - J&L Tech  
  Smart Coating Steel Material - Noroo Coil Coatings  
  Nano Carbon Composite Material - LG Chem  
  Nano Carbon Composite Material - Hyosung  
  Nano Carbon Composite Material - Mando  
  Nano Carbon Composite Material - JEIO  
  Nano Carbon Composite Material - Cresin  
  Secondary Battery Material - Samsung SDI  
  Secondary Battery Material - L&F  
  Secondary Battery Material - Aekyung Petrochemics  
  Secondary Battery Material - Posco Chemtech  
  Secondary Battery Material - Daejoo Electronic Materials  
  Secondary Battery Material - MK Electron  
  Secondary Battery Material - Umicore  
  Super Sapphire Single Crystal Material - Sapphire Technology  
  Bio Medical Material - Aminologics  
  Bio Medical Material - Cellumed